Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Many Small Business Websites Are Not Mobile Friendly?

A recent report released from a company BaseKit surveyed over 500 Small Businesses and a shocking 91% said their websites are not optimized for mobile users. This report covered a poll of small and medium sized businesses and questioned them about a variety of technology related topics, including the functionality of their website and more.

Out of this poll, only 2/3 said they managed and updated their websites & 2/3 of those business owners used social media to help with online marketing.

There is a missing gap between business owners & consumers. More customers than ever before are accessing the web via Mobile Phones & Tablets. 

Slowly but surely, small businesses are starting to understand the magnitude of this mobile movement and are picking up on this optimized trend. Recent numbers are showing that 50% of new traffic to the web comes from smartphones. We can also back this with a client of ours, read this article to see the mobile traffic numbers from their Google Analytics report.

There is no doubt in our mind that mobile is not just a movement, but it is a lifestyle shift. Users are unplugging from the wall of tangled cords into freely roaming the streets on mobile devices, accessing apps & the web. It does not take detailed reports to see the trend, just look around at all of the people who own smartphones & tablets. Mobile is here and it is here to stay for quite some time. There is still huge opportunity for the early adopter business owners to get mobile and gain competitive advantage over their slowly advancing competitors.

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