Monday, March 31, 2014

Recent Study on Hotel Mobile Apps

It should be no surprise to you by now that hotels everywhere are going mobile. They are now understanding the importance of a mobile app for their customers. Apps make the booking process hassle free, streamline the process and provide overall more efficiency for travelers, after all that is what mobile apps are meant to do. 

MCD has recently polled 1,000 domestic travelers who owned smartphones last fall 2013. They released their numbers in November 2013. Travelers utilized mobile apps quite frequently while staying at the hotel but the biggest feature they used was maps of the area in which they were staying, with 83% of family travelers using maps. Business travelers (71%) used features like bill-paying, ordering room service and transportation arrangements. 68% of the total travelers liked seeing concierge tips (push notes) in their mobile apps providing them with tips about the places they were visiting.

Easy Integration

Based on the study above, Grand Apps offers a full suite of app features that would benefit each hotel and their visitors from this study.

We offer an around us tab allowing you to put in geo coordinates of places. Users can click on that pinpoint to get more information about that particular location or even get one touch directions. You can easily add points in minutes with our amazing app builder.

Room Service
We have a food ordering app feature that allows app users to order their favorite dishes. The hotel will be notified via email & a print out receipt via Google Cloud technologies. (basically your standard wifi printer). This is very easy to integrate and majority of our restaurant clients take advantage of this feature.

Concierge Tips
This would be a great opportunity for hotels everywhere to utilize our Geo Fencing technologies. They can setup geo fences around the hotel so when travelers come back, they will get tips about the hotel. They can setup fences around the city at favorite restaurants with messages about the food they should try. Hotels can ever partner with certain restaurants, setup a geo fence and when users enter it will say "show us your hotel app for a discounted meal price or $5 off).

The possibilities are endless when it comes to marketing your mobile app for your hotel but based on the recent study, these are the top 3 features that people use frequently while staying at a hotel. Grand Apps is capable of helping hotels everywhere get their mobile app off of the ground. Contact us today to get going on yours.

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