Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mobile VS PC Online Searches 2014

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Grand Apps is obviously a firm believer in the mobile revolution that is sweeping the world by storm with increasing mobile searches from consumers everywhere. Some of you may also realize that mobile is a huge part of internet traffic now and having a mobile strategy in place will be key in 2014.

For everyone out there that understand the importance of mobile, we wanted to point out a quick statistic that stood out to us after reviewing a clients Google Analytics over the past two months. We're working closely with a local Grand Rapids, MI company and helping their online marketing efforts and when we came across this, we knew we had to share.

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Overall, their searches are increasing and we are happy about that...but what was really impressive were the numbers in mobile and tablet. If you notice, desktop barely scrapped 20% increase whereas mobile and tablet exceeded 40% increased searches. 

A Real Company...A Real Case Study

The purpose to bring this to you today is to show you that this is a real report from Google Analytics from a real client. These are not some statistics that are thrown around by large data processing companies. These are actual figures from a real local client and we wanted to share with you this huge increase in mobile traffic to show you that it is important to have your business mobile. 

When we showed our client this statistics they said "Glad we have a mobile website" and also informed us that "I hate when a website does not fit my phone, it drives me crazy!". 

This just proves that mobile searches are increasing & people get frustrated when websites are not optimized. Please share this information to fellow businesses to show them that mobile is increasing and they should be prepared. 

As always, if you found this information useful, simply Google +1 Grand Apps. Thank you for reading today. Until next time. 


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