Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's Changing In Mobile? Types of Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile apps, mobile phones, mobile screens, mobile and more mobile. The word mobile is a hot word in 2014 and you are probably hearing or seeing it everywhere. What's changing in mobile this year? Well, you must read on.

1.4 Billion
This is the number of smartphones in use in 2013. That is approximately 1 in 7 people worldwide.

This is the percent of users who won't recommend companies with a poor mobile site. You read that right, they WON'T recommend business your way if your website is not optimized or you have a weak mobile marketing strategy.

That is how many online searches that are conducted on mobile devices. This means 25% of searches are coming from mobile. Again, this is average. We are working with clients and seeing numbers closer to 40-50% of searches coming from mobile.

57,293 hours
The average American spends almost 2 hours per day on a mobile device which adds up to 57,293 hours over a lifetime. Two whole hours every single day staring at their mobile smartphone.

$400 Billion
By 2015, it is expected that mobile marketing in the U.S. will generate $400 billion compared to $139 billion in 2012.

Just looking at some of the numbers above,  you get the picture how important mobile marketing is. We now wanted to break down some different types of mobile marketing for you during this changing mobile environment. As a business owner, you realize there are millions of ways you can possibly do marketing for your business but we are shedding light on the mobile marketing game and some ways to begin.

Mobile Apps
You can definitely get a mobile app for your business and begin promoting that. About 45% of US mobile marketing campaigns employ app downloads. At Grand Apps, we strictly develop for businesses and pack our app with useful features that will drive traffic and help your business out with an app. Even a mobile app has many ways to begin your mobile marketing campaign, but just getting an app is a great start.

Mobile Image Ads
You can also display ads and begin running mobile ads, you know like those annoying little pop ups you get while trying to exercise listening to your favorite Pandora station.

QR Codes
QR codes are a baby step into mobile marketing getting people engaged with their smart device and your business. You can post QR code specials, redirects and much more. QR codes, in our opinion are awesome, but highly underused in the US. Time will only tell if they begin to trend as more people purchase smartphones.

Mobile Website
We really didn't want to put this on here, because this should be a must. This is equivalent to making sure your pants are on before leaving the house. Mobile websites are critical with over 25% of searches coming from smart devices.


Well, pretty much mobile is changing the marketing game. People are spending massive amounts of time on mobile and the numbers are changing to see even bigger increases. Having some type of mobile strategy in the future years is critical can we recommend you begin planning in 2014 if you have not already.

Mobile is not the future, it's the now.

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