Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Geofencing For Your Small Business, It's Coming!

Geofencing, what is it? Some of you might have already experienced it while others have no idea what we are talking about. Geofencing is exactly what is sounds like, a fence around a geographical area. Grand Apps will be launching a new feature update and it will be available to all clients early April 2014, to read more about that feature update and what we will be launching just visit this post. Geofencing will be apart of that new feature update.

Many of you know that we already offer all of our app clients the ability to send out push notifications to all of their app users. We are now taking this to the next level with adding Geofencing to our platform. Businesses can setup a fenced area on the map so when app users enter, a message will be sent to them.

How do I use Geofencing for my app? 

Many businesses love using the geofencing feature for notifying customers about special offers. But, there are many more ways to use it. Real Estate agents can fence around a house so when app users drive by they will receive more information about that house. Musicians and bands can geofence around a venue so when your followers pass by the venue they will receive more information about your upcoming show. As you can imagine, there are tons of ways to use this.

You're not limited to your own location!

You read that right, no geo limitations. You can set where you would like to fence. For example, you can fence around a competitor and when an app user enters that area, they will be reminded about your business. Law firms can geo fence around court houses and bail bonds locations.

Again, the opportunities to take your business to the next level are endless with the new geofencing opportunity.

Key considerations while using Geofencing

More does not equal better. Bombarding app users with messages all of the time will likely have them opt out of your messages or delete your app. Nobody wishes to constantly be interrupted. It's like that person who always interrupts you on a phone call, not allowing you to get a full sentence out. Instead it's about strategically using this to your advantage and using it as a resourceful marketing tool.

Don't think about using geofencing as another way to sell to your customers, but use it as an organic way to connect with them and add more value. Think about some of your favorite companies and if they were exploiting every marketing channel possible, you would get sick of them. But if they pop up here and there, most likely you don't mind.

Overall, geofencing should be used to improve your customers experience with your business and your businesses mobile app. Always remember if you want your geofencing programs to be a success, put your customers first always! Do this and your business will all fall into place.

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