Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Mobile App User Interfaces

We are pretty excited for our new feature update that is coming soon and wanted to give you another sneak peak for our "more" navigation tab. Designing an easy to use user interface is not easy and making it simple, yet effective can be very challenging. Our apps have come a long way since we first launch Grand Apps in 2012 and our UI have improved drastically. If you have used some of our apps at your favorite local business, you will know that majority of our apps have a "more" button. This more button has all of the remaining app features in there.

More Button Changes
We are now changing the way this looks in our apps. The app screenshot above is a fitness app and notice how it has a "more" button. When you click that button you will be taken to the more page. Checkout below the before and after pictures of our newly designed more page.



Users can now swipe to the left to get to the "more" screen with all of the app features. 

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