Monday, April 14, 2014

Real Estate Agents & Mobile Apps: How A Mobile App Can Increase Your Business.

Mobile is big business and can help increase your real estate business. 

About one-fifth of real estate searches are done on mobile devices and smartphones. Over the past few years, mobile searching activity for property has increased year by year. Within the next few years, mobile searches are projected to overtake desktop searches.

What this means for your business. 

This means that you must form some type of mobile marketing strategy because soon the majority of your clients will searching for you via mobile devices. We also noticed this industry tends to be a slow mover into technology so if you get in now, you'll be way ahead of late moving competition. Get to the mobile party earlier than later.

There are huge benefits in going mobile!

The number of benefits in going mobile are countless, but here are a few to name some. Number one; having some type of mobile optimized web page or mobile app will be key in providing a great user experience for customers looking to buy. Nobody wants to browse a mobile app or website on their smartphone only to find out they must pinch and zoom to get information. Having an optimized website or app will provide a better customer experiencing, helping build your brand. Number two; when you develop a mobile app, you are developing the most powerful communication marketing tool we have today. You can send out property information to app users via Push Notifications. We also have custom push note feature built into our platform that allows you to fence areas around a house and when app users enter, they will receive information about that property. Read this article for more information about geo fencing technologies and push notifications.

Offer something NOBODY else offers. 

Again, as we just mentioned...the Real Estate market seems to be a slow mover in technology. Real estate agents don't be offended, this notion actually came from a recent client of ours. He understood the power of going mobile before anybody else in the market. He looked around and found no other agent was offering a mobile experience quite like his. So you want to make sure you are early to the party and launch your mobile app before anybody else. There is going to be a learning period when you are telling your clients about the app, getting them to download it and fully use it, so it is key you start sooner than later.

Still not sure about apps & your real estate business? 

Well just get in touch with Grand Apps and we will be happy to walk  you through an app demo, more statistics & benefits of a mobile app. Visit our website today, like us on Facebook or just email us at We would love to show you the power of mobile!

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