Saturday, March 15, 2014

Press Release | Grand Apps & Sysco Grand Rapids Partnership

Grand Apps is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with Sysco of Grand Rapids, MI. The Grand Rapids location serves over 5,000+ customers with food services, tabletop marketing, online presence and now mobile apps. Sysco is a global company serving 425,000 customers with sales of $44 billion in 2013. They started their company based on the principal of building strong relationships with customers and continues to do so in 2014. We are very excited to begin cultivating our relationship with them and are excited about possible future opportunities.

Grand Apps will offer all Sysco customers mobile app development & website design for a preferred discounted price. If you are a Sysco customer and have your customer ID, you will qualify for this discounted price.

We believe this will help the mobile movement tremendously by offering all of their customers mobile marketing strategies. This will also help expand Grand Apps reach as a company, putting our services for mobile app and mobile marketing in front of thousands of more small business owners looking to advance their strategies, while staying ahead of the competition. This is phase one of a small launch, which could lead to much bigger future opportunities.

Again, if you are a Sysco customer and would like to learn more, just email to obtain more information.

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