Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Mobile Fitness Industry | Mobile Apps for Gyms, Personal Trainers & Coaches.

The fitness industry is booming with many people trying to get back in shape from years of eating fast food and not exercising. Another industry that is also booming is mobile and if you're looking at taking your fitness business to the next level, you have stumbled across the right post! We have worked with many fitness coaches, gyms, personal trainers and even fitness icons with hundreds of thousands of followers. We have created dozens of useful features that will allow a better experience for your clients and help you increase your business. 

Let's get into a few mobile app features for your fitness business. 

Email Photo a.k.a. Results Cam

Many coaches & fitness instructors need to keep tabs on their clients to see the results. We all know that pictures don't lie when judging your body so the ability to snap a picture & send it to your coach is very important. We have built in a useful email picture feature that allows app users to snap a pic or choose from their library then email it to their instructor in seconds. This saves clients time by simply opening the app, snapping a picture and sending it. 

M Commerce a.k.a. $elling Merchandise, Supplements & Products

So most of our clients who are in the fitness industry are tied to some type of commerce. 

-Selling Classes
-Selling Sessions
-Selling Supplements
-Selling Clothes
-Selling Other Merch

There are tons of ways to monetize your fitness business and selling stuff is one great way to boost revenue. We have a great feature that will allow you to sell anything you want right inside your mobile app. (Side Note: Consumers are spending massive amounts of money on mobile technologies as they become more popular. So by not having a mobile app, you could be losing out on money). 

Stop wasting time & go mobile. You'll see an increase in sales & mobile commerce can help you increase revenues in 2014. 

Scheduling a.k.a. Booking Your Schedule Full!

All of our clients in the fitness industry have greatly benefited from this useful feature. We have a custom built in scheduling feature that will allow clients to book classes and even pay for those classes before hand using PayPal integration. This feature will help book your schedule full, month after month. 

Just picture instead of your users calling you or finding a computer to book a class, they simply open your app (since everybody today has a smartphone on them) and they book. You can book clients in literally seconds. 

Fan Wall a.k.a. App Forum Wall

"So what about carb cycling bro?" "Hey dude, overtraining? What is that?" or "How can I increase my bench bro? Girls love the pecs!"

As a trainer, we know you get flooded with questions from clients all the time. Well, we have you covered yet again! We have built in a nifty feature that allows users to login with FB / TW & leave a comment on the app. They can ask you questions and you can respond to them. This would be a great way to communicate with clients and answer any questions you couldn't get too before hand. 

As always, if you found this useful or liked it...Google + this! Contact our team to learn about more of the features and how they could possibly boost your fitness business today. 

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