Friday, December 13, 2013

Mobile App Feature | Email Marketing

Yes people still read their emails in today's world of text messages & smartphones. So if you have not already, we suggest starting an email marketing campaign for your small business. Some people might think it is a waste of time to even bother because of low open rates, but it is important to keep your brand image in their mind, even if they only view the email subject line with your businesses name. At least you are trying to make a constant effort to reaching out & providing them with great useful information about your business. 


There are many awesome programs out there for getting started with your Email Marketing campaigns. Here are the top few we recommend that we work with by integrating them into our apps.

1) Mail Chimp
2) iContact
3) Constant Contact
4) Campaign Monitor
5) Get Response
6) Emma

They all range in pricing from free to a low monthly rate based on how many emails you plan on blasting out. Simply by looking into these companies, picking one & starting is a great position to put your business in. Get started now!


Here are a few tips after you get passed the beginning stages of your Email Marketing.

1) Integrating with your mobile app 

The companies we mentioned above, we have given our app clients the ability to link their email lists with our apps. So, when a user joins your list via your app, they will be added to your email list instantly! You can now begin to capture emails from all over the place including social media, mobile and your website.

2) What heading works best?

Based on millions of emails sent, Mail Chimp has compiled some data and so have we. We noticed an amazing trend in open rates based on simple title headings. The average person gets dozens of emails per day, and mostly those emails come from people trying to sell them something, not great content providing companies like yours! Think of getting dozens of emails saying "Try this free" or "Special Offer". After a while you will grow tired of seeing "so many offers" and will just ignore them, I know I do all the time.

What Mail Chimp has found is you will actually get a higher open rate if you add your companies name somewhere in the title of the email. This makes sense because people trust your brand, so they are more likely to open your email.


Email marketing is more complex than this, but these are some great tips to get you started. Remember, it only takes on step to get going. They key takeaways here are to at least get started & use your businesses trusted brand name in the email title.

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