Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mobile App Feature | Social Sharing

App Developers, Mobile App DevelopersSocial Sharing is one of the best ways to generate downloads for your mobile app with the Grand Apps platform. Checkout this app feature and learn how it can help your businesses mobile app out. 

Share Feature

This handy feature allows all of your app users to share your mobile app with their social circles, friends and family. It works when the user clicks share and are prompted this menu where to share it. They can login to their Facebook or Twitter page to share socially. When they do this, there will be an app link and short message letting people know about your businesses mobile app. If they don't want to share the app on their social pages, they can most certainly share it via text and email. 

Grand Apps Secret Technique

Instead of passing out business cards, pass out your app. If somebody asks for your business card or contact information, simply let them know you don't have any but you are more than willing to "share your app" with them. 

1) Click share
2) Click "Share by SMS"
3) Enter their phone number & share

Now you have their contact in case you need to call them in the future and they have your app! What a win-win for every business owner trying to spread the word about their mobile app. 

We have given you an idea of how to generate downloads, share your app and increase awareness...we ask the same from you. If you found this useful, simply click the Google +1 share below. 


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