Tuesday, December 3, 2013

E-Commerce & M-Commerce Predicted to Reach Over $320 Billion in Next 3 Years

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People spend money, period. Every minute, millions of dollars are passed along from consumer to a business. We thought this information would be appropriate just after Black Friday & Cyber Money. We wanted to shed the light on e-commerce & m-commerce. Forrester Research, INC has predicted the following predictions in retail by the billions over the next 3 years.

- 2013 -
  • Total Retail Growth (5%)
  • $3,313 Billion Total Retail
  • $252 Billion E-Commerce (12% Growth) 
  • $12 Billion M-Commerce (62% Growth) 
- 2014 - 
  • Total Retail Growth ( 5%)
  • $3,479 Billion Total Retail
  • $278 Billion E - Commerce (10% Growth) 
  • $17 Billion M-Commerce (40% Growth) 
- 2015 -
  • Total Retail Growth (4%)
  • $3,635 Billion Total Retail
  • $304 Billion E-Commerce ( 9% Growth)
  • $22 Billion M-Commerce (29% Growth) 

There are a few trends noticed; 1) All three years show sings of growth & 2) mobile commerce is among the biggest growths during these years. Mobile smartphones and mobile web browsing has really picked up in 2013. This year marked history with the first time that mobile smartphones exceeded "dumbphones" in exports and imports. People are finally catching on, the numbers are growing...but what does all these mean for your business? 

What type of business are you? 

First we must look at what type of business you are. Are you retail, manufacturing, service, or other. There are many different industries your business can fall in but one thing is certain, if you are a B2C business that sells products or goods...you might want to think about getting your items in some type of E or M commerce. As noted above, people are spending massive amounts of money in retail with a huge growth in mobile commerce. 

Where to start? 

There are many great programs online that allow you to setup an easy e-commerce storefront. You can drag and drop and change prices on the fly. But one platform that really sticks out is our Grand Apps platform. We have one of the easiest drag and drop, m-commerce & e-commerce stores. You can kill two birds with one stone and have your e-commerce & m-commerce all done by us. (You knew that was coming). But really, you should look into some of these programs. Small steps are better than no steps. 

Biggest Takeaway

So in reality, the biggest takeaway is if you are selling products or goods to consumers, you need to setup an e-commerce and m-commerce site to start maximizing your profit potential. 

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