Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Be A Better Sales Person

There is no doubt in any mind that sales are the heart beat of business. If sales stop, or your heart, you will die. We work with tons of business owners and many business professionals follow our blog so we wanted to take the time out to share a few key sales tips with you today. We want to help in any way we can to help you continue to beat your businesses heart. 

Belief, do you have it? 

One questions you should ask yourself is "Do I really believe in my product?" OR "Would I buy this?". If the answer is no to both, you should probably change careers or open a new business. First of all, life is too short to spend majority of your time selling something you hate and would not use, simple. But another key factor is if you believe in it, you are more likely to generate more sales. This happens because you are not selling anymore. You are simply sharing your belief in this product or service with others. Remember what mother say? "Sharing is caring". You can't even call yourself a sales person anymore! You are a person who shares a passion for what you are doing. If you truly believe your product or service will benefit your customer, you will see more sales than you expected. 

Are you selling a product, service or yourself? 

This step is often missed by many, many sales persons. They go into a sales meeting, talk with jargon, act overly professional and are almost a sales robot with the same script. Some people may disagree with this but hear us out. Sure you are selling a product or service (that you really BELIEVE in) but you are really selling yourself as a brand. Your customer has many other companies to choose from. So in reality they are buying YOU first, your company second and then your services / product. They have to deal with you anytime something goes wrong, so if they do not like you...chances are they will go to somebody they like. 

Be yourself, it does work. 

If you are still with us at this point, you are a firm believer in your product / service and you know that you must sell yourself as a brand first. You are also going to meeting after meeting with potential prospects. This tip relates back to selling yourself as a brand in a little more depth. When you are in a meeting, be professional...but again do not be a robot. Don't use outdated scare sales tactics either. Simply be yourself, whoever you are. If you are friendly, be friendly. If you are funny, be funny. Remember you are simply sharing with people something you truly believe in. If you mix being yourself with this sharing we can almost guarantee you'll see an increase in sales. 

We wanted to wish everyone success out there! As always, if you found this article useful...please Google +1 us. 

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