Friday, November 22, 2013

Does your small business need a new website? you need a new website for your small business? We wanted to cover a few signs that you probably need a new website. 

Last Updated? 

When exactly was your website last updated? We are not speaking of making a few changes and adding pictures, but a complete redesign bringing you to current times. Most business owners realize they probably need an update but they don't know exactly how outdated they are. Below is a picture of a website screenshot we pulled from a local business. 

If you're copyright and last update was almost three years ago, chances are you are due for an upgrade.

Mobile Optimized? 

You know we had to touch on this subject of mobile. So we wanted to ask, are you mobile? Responsive design is probably the best, in our eyes, but a simple mobile version works just as fine. As of 2013, some consumers are only using mobile as a means of searching. This means that some users are searching from Tablets and Mobile if your business is not optimized they will have a difficult time finding useful information they need in order to make a decision about your business. 

The best way to find out if you are optimized or not, if you do not know, is to pull out your mobile device and see if it fits the screen and looks great. As we always say, "Pinch & Zoom and you're doomed". If you have to pinch, zoom and the screen is hard to read, chances are your end users are getting frustrated and cannot find information quickly. Try it out. See if you're mobile or not. 


This of that "ah" like a refreshing "ahhhhh" after sipping a very cold lemonade on a hot 100 degree day. Refreshing isn't it? That is how we believe websites should be. Users want information fast without putting in too much work. If they have to search pages on pages to find the information they want, you'll probably lose them in translation. Think about the new iOS Software update & the new business logos (Like Google). They have a few common themes like bright colors, simple and easy to use. People are busy and they want information that is fast and simple to understand, which is why video media is a great way to teach people (YouTube). 

If your page is filled with sentences and looks almost overwhelming just being on your website, you might want to rethink your design. 


-Keep your website up to speed and updated regularly. 
-Make sure your website is mobile, especially in today's day in age with mobile technologies. 
-Remember the basic saying "K.I.S.S." That goes for your website. Keep it simple and have your small businesses information readily available for the fast paced consumers. 

As always, Google + 1 if you have found this content useful. 

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