Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Every Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

"My business is not ready for online ordering" - Business Owner. 
"My business does not need online ordering" - Business Owner. 

We sometimes hear these objections a lot, but what we really here is this, "My business is not ready to make money". 

Online Ordering (Mobile Ordering Too) is generating businesses extra revenue per month. If your business is not online then you're probably missing out on some extra money. But maybe this is not convincing for you, Mr. Business Owner. So let's get more detailed in this post. 

Real Case Study 

One of our clients is actually generating hundreds of dollars per month with Mobile & Online Ordering. They are also dominating their local market because the other businesses have not yet implemented this type of strategy. Checkout just below some of the actual orders & charges these people have been making. 

We found that people who purchase online / mobile are actually more inclined to spend more money on their device than in store. This means your business could see higher profits by simply implementing this easy to use system.  

Easy To Use

People love easy. Easy makes peoples lives happier. This is the reason for drive thru restaurants, fast food spots and delivery. People want what they want fast and easy. We have covered in many past articles the mobile industry, growth of mobile and all the positives associated with everybody going mobile. This is the reason why your restaurant needs online ordering! Everybody is online and going mobile. Just picture in the matter of a few clicks of a button the end user can purchase food from your restaurant. They no longer have to call ahead, place an order, ask the staff many detailed questions about the menu and other bottlenecks in the current ordering systems you might have in place. Literally easy as 1-2-3. 

Everybody Is Doing It

We are not talking about competition here, but we are speaking from the consumers view. In 2012, U.S. e-commerce sales amounted to 289 billion dollars, up from 256 U.S. billion dollars in 2011. (We are still awaiting the numbers for 2013...hang tight). So you see, online shopping is in the hundreds of billions and you guess it, your local shop is missing out. Why are you missing out? Sometimes we find that it is simply business owners stuck in their way because "it works" (for the time being). If businesses do not adapt to changing markets, they will be eliminated. It almost relates to Darwin's Theory of survival of the fittest. Get fit & adapt or die essentially. With increases in online spending, what is really stopping you from jumping into this huge pool of billions? 


Now comes the daunting question that every business owner needs to know, "What will this cost me?". Well, compared to your new Aloha POS system you just installed for $25,000...I can assure you we do not come anywhere close to that. We make your online ordering experience fast, easy and affordable. We understand needs of small business owners because we work with tons. So for a more accurate quote, simply give us a shout. 

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