Monday, October 14, 2013

Increase Business With Mobile Ordering | Restaurant Edition.

Restaurant owners have a lot on their plate, pun intended. They are operating an entire procurement business from getting the supplies to delivering them to their satisfied customers bellies. Every restaurant owner wants to increase their business and satisfy more customers. So what are some of the newest trends that will help you with this?

The major strategy that sticks out is online ordering or mobile ordering. If you're a good business owner and study your competition, then you will know all about Domino's Pizza latest marketing efforts in regards to online and mobile ordering.  Checkout their website for starters. Just below is a screenshot we pulled from their website and we placed green arrows to point out their marketing efforts for online ordering.

They are displaying four (4) locational Call To Actions for you to place an online order. We could compare your website with their website, but we are here to speak about mobile & online ordering. So now we know big brother is finally starting online and mobile ordering, it's your turn. Small businesses and restaurant owners need to begin implementing this or they will be left in the dust by other competitors quickly stepping up to the plate.

1) Where do I start? 

Well, Grand Apps is a great place to start. We have built a unique, easy and efficient system that will allow you to compete with these multi-million dollar companies. Email our support team today to learn more at or visit our website to contact us.

2) How does it work? 

In simplicity, users browse a menu item, select an item and checkout. When they checkout they have payment option of paying with PayPal or Cash. If they come into pickup an offer, they can easily pay with their Credit Card at your restaurant. Payments with our system are very easy to use.

3) Do I need online ordering, mobile ordering or both? 

We are happy you asked! Our system actually is built for both. We will set you up with mobile app ordering for your restaurant and with a bonus added feature, we have built a widget you can place on your website and allow users to order online too.

online food ordering software for restaurants

See It Live

If you want to see it live then test drive our latest work at Crust 54. Download their mobile app and visit their website to see it working right now.

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