Thursday, October 10, 2013

So Your Business Is Shopping For Mobile Apps?

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So after reading many of our articles about the mobile marketing movement in small business, yours is finally ready to pull the trigger on a mobile campaign. But you are now left with another decision, who to choose? Of course we want you to choose Grand Apps as your mobile app, website & mobile website provider but even if you don't we wanted to help guide you in the right direction.

Tip One - Credibility

As you already know, being credible in business is key to building a successful long term relationship. You want to make sure the company you choose has a strong dependable track record. Here are some questions you can ask the company you are seeking out to get you going on mobile marketing.

- How many mobile apps have you currently developed?
- How many businesses have you worked with?
- How many businesses in our industry have you worked with?
- Do you have any recommendations, news articles or publications about your company?

These questions can gauge the level of expertise that company has in mobile development & mobile marketing.

Tip Two - ROI

This is probably all you really care about as a business owner...the Return On Investment. Many people will not care if the company only has developed 10 mobile apps, but if it shows an ROI then your business is in. Make sure you check to see if the app has increased traffic to that business.

- Has your mobile marketing (mobile apps) increased foot traffic to businesses?
- Do you have solid numbers proving you increased that business with a mobile app?

These two questions alone are powerful enough to make a decision. If the businesses mobile app & mobile marketing strategies have actually increased traffic, people are using it and there are solid sales with a mobile app then that is really all you would need to invest in mobile.

Tip Three - Development Time / Implementation Time

You can't buy time, even with trillions of dollars. We understand that and want to help you out with this. The world has become so fast paced with technology that business works 24/7 with no sleep. So it is crucial that you gain a competitive advantage before your competition. This is done by showing up to the party first aka going mobile first. So, make sure you ask your potential developers this.

- How long until my app is live in iTunes & Google Play, ready to download and start marketing?
- How much time will it take to make changes to my mobile app?
- Any other time constraints I should know about in development?

These questions will help every business owner gauge how fast this app developer can work. Some are faster than other and some are slower than others. Just make sure their time of development fits your marketing efforts internally.

Tip Four - Is it affordable? 

You are a small business owner with limited capital in any investment, we understand this. But still many other developers or companies do not. We have worked with many small businesses with large budgets & very small budgets. This is your ultimate determining factor...can you afford it? So we recommend asking these questions to the potential company you will be working with?

- How much is it?
- Will you work with me?

Don't be shy as a business owner to tell the truth and try to work out a payment plan. That company should be open & willing to work with you. We believe they would if they truly understood small businesses and how they work.


So we have concluded four key tips for shopping around for companies that will help you kick start your mobile marketing efforts.

- Are they credible?
- Is there proven ROI or ROI Features?
- Implementation Time?
- What is the investment?

These might be basic, but still many people forget asking these basic questions. If you want to find out our answers for each of these questions to see if we live up to the standard, simply email our support team at

Thank you all for reading & we look forward to working with your company soon.

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