Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is Your Business Invisible?

My business does not need a mobile app or any kind of mobile marketing strategy, we're set. We have a decent website with a fairly good Google rank, thanks.

Surprisingly, business owners have this mindset. But what if we told you that your business might actually be invisible. About 31% of consumers are primarily using mobile for searches. This means if your business is not mobile friendly or you do not have a mobile strategy, these consumers will turn back the instant they see your website is not mobile friendly. Nobody likes to pinch & zoom to find useful information in their fast paced on the go lifestyle. People will actually turn to competition that is mobile friendly.

What do we mean by mobile friendly?

-Mobile Apps for businesses
-Mobile websites for business
-Mobile advertising for businesses

These mobile strategies cannot be ignored anymore. More people are using mobile apps & mobile searches to seek out the knowledge they want and need. Mobile is one of the fastest growing markets and great news, it is not that expensive.

We have talked with business owners that said they paid over $10,000 for a new website. (that website was not even mobile optimized). No offense, but that business owner could have invested in a mobile app, mobile website and some paid mobile advertisements for this price, through Grand Apps of course. 

Our software & development is hassle free and very inexpensive. We are helping business owners get mobile in weeks. We have built over 40+ mobile apps for businesses and want to help you out. Shoot us an email to get started today!

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