Thursday, October 24, 2013

Make Your App Profitable

Mobile is a huge buzz word these days, that is no secret. But what could be secret is the fact you are missing out on making extra money with your mobile app. This article will break down how you can make extra money with your mobile app developed by Grand Apps.

Client Management Platform

So if you are currently a Grand Apps client, you know that you have the ability to manage your mobile app. This means you can change around graphics and create a whole new look for your app. We allow up to 5 sliding images on the home screen as well. Have you thought about creating a small mobile ad banner at the top and sell it for ad space? Checkout one of our clients and how they have setup a top banner to start cashing in on mobile advertising.

*Note: The top banner advertisement on the mobile app.

Now you know you have the ability to create mobile ads, let's cover some very important steps to get you going.

Mobile Traffic

The very first step in monetizing your mobile program is to generate volume of app traffic. No business owner would be willing to invest money with no traffic on your mobile app. So in order to get the most value from your ad program, you must first generate more downloads. After you have accomplished this, you can then show them the analytics from your client management platform. Once they see how many downloads you have and how advanced the software is, they will have no choice but to invest in some monthly advertisement.

Pricing Strategy

Now you have the traffic and business owners drooling over this opportunity to purchase some space, but what are the costs?

Remember you have up to 5 sliders on your mobile apps home screen. Slider 1 - Slider 5. Slider 1 will display for a few seconds before moving to the remanding sliders in order. So we recommend this pricing strategy.

Slider 1 - $100 / month
Slider 2 - $80 / month
Slider 3 - $70 / month
Slider 4 - $60 / month
Slider 5 - $50 / month

Now that you have your pricing structure in place, it's time to sell!

We hope this article was helpful in getting you going on your mobile advertisement program. As always, if you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to speak with you.

Thanks for the read!

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