Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Can Mobile Grow Your Small Business?

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Many small business owners truly believe that mobile would benefit their business in a positive way, but they just do not know how or where to start. Before we continue, let's break down some quick statistics from this year so far.

  • Qualcomm says that about 29% of Americans check their phone right when they wake up & right when they go to bed, everyday. 
  • Pew Research Center says that 44% of cell phone users have slept with their cell phone by their side so they didn't miss a notification. 
Let's just stop right here. Are you picking up on a common trend from just these two powerful statistics? Maybe you can look around your business during peak hours and take tally of how many people are on their smartphones. You will see couples on a date, both looking down on their smartphone at times. People are attached to mobile smartphones and this is an opportunity of a lifetime for small businesses to cash in. 

So we know that almost everyone is on a mobile smartphone or going to be on one soon. Don't believe everybody is going mobile? Even the large cell phone companies are advertising people hate their "dumbphones". Remember this commercial from T Mobile? Guy gets robbed for his phone but the robber won't even take his non smartphone. 

Cell Phone Commercial, Mobile Smartphones

So in this conclusion, we can all agree that everybody is going mobile and will be very soon. So where do I get started and how can I grow my business with mobile? 

That is simple. 

We have mentioned this in past articles, but maybe you  missed it. Grand Apps highly recommends that you begin with two main center-points for your mobile marketing campaigns; Mobile Website & Mobile App. 

Mobile Website

It is crucial today that every business has a mobile website, if not you're getting left in the dust. Over 50% of Google's searches are on a mobile device and you can believe that if they come across your site and have to pinch and zoom they will not be happy. We found in our research that if your business does not have a mobile website that consumers will turn to competition that does. Just think about it for a second, you stumble across a business but can't even view their website because you must pinch and zoom to find information, almost like finding waldo. 

People do not have time to sit there and try to find important information. Our society is fast paced and on the move, so you need to display relevant and important information in a user friendly way. If you do not know if your website is optimized, open it up on your phone and check it out. Chances are if you do not know, then it probably is not and you could have already lost a few customers by now. So we recommend you get a jump on this. It is only a baby step in growing your business with mobile but it is a start. 

Mobile Apps

Next we come across a more interactive way of introducing mobile marketing to your customers with a mobile app. These unique marketing apps are used for customer interaction. Grand Apps builds mobile apps for small businesses with over 40+ features targeted towards showing small businesses ROI with every feature. 

The reasons mobile apps can help you grow your business are unlimited but here are a few ways. 

  • Push Notifications. With our platform you can send out Push Notifications sharing a message only with app users about your business. We remember reading that people even sleep with their phone to get notified and check it every morning. So our business owners can send out messages for example: "Merry Christmas from (Business Name)". This will keep your customers feel appreciated by your business and help keep them coming back. 
  • Loyalty: It is always smart to reward your most loyal customers to make them feel appreciated to keep them coming back and bringing others in. Our mobile apps have tons of loyalty features that will help you even save money. Do you currently waste money ordering paper punchcards for your business? Stop. These are a waste of money because people always say, "Oh I forgot it". But how many times do people say "Oh, I forgot my phone". Chances are people think about their phone over a punchcard. Then they might get a new one and you just wasted more money. So if you have mobile punchcards, like the Grand Apps platform can build, you can save money ordering them and stop giving out doubles. 
These were just two reasons, remember we have 40+ features like this. 

Let's Grow Your Business!

So, we have concluded that virtually everyone will soon own a smartphone and it is important that you get started. As we mentioned, the first two ways to grow your business is to save money and retain customers. Getting a mobile website will stop driving customers away and a mobile app will retain customers with engagement. These two simple ways can help generate your business tens of thousands of dollars per year. 

We haven't even told you the best part. We really hate selling in our articles, so we won't...but we must inform you of some special information. Usually 9 times out of 10 it will take months or years to see your return on investment. But Grand Apps provides small businesses with a fast, easy and affordable solution for getting started in mobile and growing your business. 

Email our support center if you have any more questions. We have a full length PDF with all of our current app features. Just ask our support team for it. 


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