Thursday, August 15, 2013

Case Study: Crust 54

Grand Apps is happy to bring to you our first case study. Crust 54 is an amazing local pizza shop in Holland, MI. They specialize in traditional deep dish pizza. Check out there website by clicking here. Our team met up with the local owner, Frank, to begin setting up his new mobile app. Read what Frank had to say about Grand Apps.

                      "When we were first contacted by Grand Apps we were skeptical if a company of such high caliber can serve a small operation such as Crust 54, but were we wrong! Grand Apps was able to not only serve us with excellence but at a price we were able to afford. The app they made for our online ordering system is highly functional, looks great and increased our exposure! In addition there follow through before, during and afterwards is second to none. Well done Grand Apps!"

 - Frank (Owner) 

The Crust 54 mobile app is available in iTunes & Android for free download. Frank has not yet started his full marketing campaign yet, but plans to soon! Below are some statistics about the Crust 54 mobile app (before even marketing it). 

Downloads Total: 37
Apple: 33
Android: 4

45.2% of app users visited the ORDER tab. (Almost half of the users go to the mobile ordering!) This is great news for restaurants looking to drive traffic to online or mobile ordering. Our case study shows that almost half of the app users click on ORDER. 

Also, the second highest click through is on the "FreePizza" feature. This is a coupon / offer tab feature. This means that over half of the app users are more likely to click on ordering or offers in their mobile app. 

This is the first order placed on the Crust 54 mobile app by an app user. Mobile app users are also more likely to spend more money via mobile purchasing than in store. 


Grand Apps believes this mobile app will be a huge success that will generate extra revenue for Crust 54 by simply adding an easy way for customers to order. This mobile app is not even being fully marketed yet by the business, so you can only begin to think how many downloads & orders they will start to receive once they begin spreading the word to everyone!


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