Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 3 Reasons Why Every Chiropractor Needs a Mobile App

Chiropractors across the country are going mobile and we can tell you first hand they are coming to Grand Apps as their mobile app solution. Our mobile apps for chiropractors are built with knowledge about the industry, because our company was actually founded by a chiropractor.

Reason 1 - Mobile Reservations

Our mobile reservations provide chiropractors everywhere a chance to engage their patients and allow them to schedule an appointment on the fly. Just think, no more calling in and waiting to speak with a receptionist or waiting for slow wifi to find your office online. Some chiropractors might not even have a mobile website that will make it near impossible to find your number to call you for patients to book with you. Our mobile apps are so efficient that users simply open then app and within two clicks they have booked their next adjustment with you.

Reason 2 - Push Notes

Some of you might be familiar with Push Notifications. All of our mobile apps come equipped with the ability for our clients to send out unlimited push notifications. These act like a text message and display on the app users phone. This is a great way to engage app users and keep those loyal patients coming back in. The open rate for push notes is over 90%. Imagine you send out a simple push note saying "Don't forget to schedule your adjustment soon!". That means that 90% of your app users will see that! If you have 1,000 downloads, your message will be read by 900 people. Even if you only scheduled 1% of that 900 you would get 9 patients in at an average of $35/visit which totals $315 per push note. You can now see the potential with using our push note system.

Reason 3 - Refer a Friend

We built in this nifty feature that will be a self generating lead machine for your practice! This works as a simple email form, like you see on a website. This can be used by you and your patients. Let's say for example you are at a tradeshow for your business. Instead of pulling out your business cards, you can simply open your app, have that prospect fill out information and you now have their contact. Soon as you get back to your office you can follow up with an email thanking them for stopping by your booth and inviting them to your practice in the following weeks to get checked up.

Final Thoughts

So, if you're a chiropractor and you just read this...then it is an absolute must you contact us today to get started, or atleast checkout a few of our apps and request a demo. How about this, we will provide some links to our mobile apps on iTunes so you can download and see how great these apps are for yourself. After you check them out, email for more information on how to get started.

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