Monday, September 2, 2013

How Mobile Marketing & Dating Are Similar?

You have read the title correct, mobile marketing & dating are very similar. We wanted to share with you how important mobile marketing is by relating it to something many are familiar with, dating.

We will cover two main mobile marketing techniques in this article: Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps.

Mobile Websites 

Mobile websites should come before your mobile app for your business. Mobile websites are your first impression to customers via mobile. With over 50% of Google searches mobile, you better believe that a mobile website is needed. This is your first chance to impress your customer, or your date. This is the first thing they will find when they browse your company on their smartphone and if it is not optimized to fit the smartphone, many customers will have a very unpleasant experience that will turn them away to competition.

How it relates to dating.

When you go on a date for the first time you make sure everything is right. Do you have clean clothes, did you shower, are your fingernails clipped and many other things you cover. But the overall idea is you want to be presentable. The first time your date sees you should be a pleasant experience. You don't want to see someone in sweats & a stained tee shirt while on your first date with a full scruffy beard and long fingernails.  That image would probably cause an unpleasant experience which will not result in a second date.

The Goal

As a business owner, your goal for the mobile website marketing is to score a second date. You want to look very presentable to your customers with a pleasant mobile experience right off the bat. If your website is optimized, you are surly going to see return visitors, or a second date. By keeping the customers coming back, you will increase sales, which will increase your happiness at running a successful business.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps on the other hand are for customer loyalty. The main objective in developing a mobile app for your business is not to generate hundreds of thousands of downloads, but instead to obtain thousands or hundreds of LOYAL customers engaged with your brand & business. Business owners do not need millions of downloads to generate revenue from your mobile app for your business. Would you rather have thousands of people simply looking or hundreds buying? The answer is easy, buying...which is the smaller number of downloads. (We know, totally backwards from your original thought, but you do not need tons of downloads).

The main focus of a mobile app for you business is to provide your loyal customers with more. They can perform all of the following things with a mobile app from Grand Apps for your business;

-Get your information quickly (No slow wifi searching)
-Get exclusive mobile app updates via Push Notificaitons
-Get exclusive app discounts for using your mobile app

 These three features alone are HUGE in customer engagement. You are communicating with them, keeping them coming back.

back to your does it relate? 

Congratulations! You have just scored a second date and are now dating. In human relationships, communication is key. If you do not communicate, you are not dating. So this is exactly how a mobile app relates to dating.  Our mobile apps keep you engaged with one another, scheduling more and more dates with customers.

The Goal of Mobile Apps

Again, let's cover the is to ENGAGE & COMMUNICATE. Not to generate millions of useless downloads for your business. Keeping fewer people engaged and spending will do you far better than thousands of people not engaged and not using your mobile app.

What do I do now?

Now what, you may ask. You have obtained tons of useful information and it is time to put it to work. Below are some quick steps to take to get you in the right direction to date your customers & keep them coming back!

1) Is your website optimized? If not, do it!
2) Do you have a mobile app from Grand Apps? No? Well you know how to get a hold of us.
3) Setup a quick marketing plan that will cover the following;
    - Scheduling Push Notes
    - Maintaining your Mobile App, Do not let it sit dormant!
    - Keeping content fresh with new app graphics & messages
4) Incentive your mobile app. Make customers WANT to download it. Give away something small. 

If you follow these quick, simple 4 steps then you will be on the right path for a great mobile marketing campaign that will increase traffic & sales. You will provide a pleasant mobile experience that will leave customers happy & satisfied. The best customers are happy customers.

We hope this information was useful for your businesses mobile marketing campaing. If you have any questions, comments or want more help...Simply email to hear more.

Leave a comment to give us your thoughts about mobile marketing!

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