Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feature Update

Feature Update

Hey Everyone;

Here at Grand Apps, we're very excited to announce a new feature update to our Push Notifications. We have possibly built the most robust push notification system known to mobile apps. We have had many requests from you, our faithful clients, and we listened. We have brought you a whole new push notification dashboard. Just because we love our clients so much, we even updated our analytic reporting within our apps. This article is a MUST READ! Checkout our latest updates & give us some feedback. 

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  •  Target Markets - You can now select either iPhone, Android or both platforms to send out push notes.
  •  Social Media - You can now sync your Facebook & Twitter to your push notes. Now all of your app users will get the push notes, as well as your social media followers. 

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  •  Geo Targeting - You can select a specific area where to send the push notes out. The little Apple & Android will tell you how many app users were picked up in that specific location. 
  • All App Users - You can still send push notes out to all the app users. 

  • Website Links - You can now add website URL's in your push notes that will drive more traffic to your website. 
  • App Links - You can now link the messages to certain areas within your app. 

  •  Content - You can now send out pictures & more content within your push note. Example: Come in today from 4pm-6pm for a special offer! Show us this message to redeem. You can even send out holiday greeting cards from your business to your app users. 

Analytic Reporting, What's New?

  •  Robust Reporting - We have stepped up our reporting dashboard allowing you to see how many iPhone & Android Downloads you have. You can even compare the two next to each other to see which market has the highest download rate. 
  • Time Reporting - You can view reports based on Day, Month or Annual. 

  •  Tab Analytics - Possibly the most robust feature in our new analytics reporting. You can now see where people are clicking within your mobile app! You can see which features draw the most attention and which do not. This could be a huge opportunity for our clients that sell ad space. You can sell higher ad price based on which tab is being used most. 

We hope you LOVE the new feature updates! Please drop a comment to let us know what you think. If you have any questions or want to learn how to get started, simply email our support center. 

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