Monday, July 8, 2013

Tips for Client Satisfaction

Hey Everyone,

Your favorite mobile app company is here with some tips we use everyday for client satisfaction. We recently sent out a survey with 4 questions to our current clients to gather feedback about our Grand Apps support center and the numbers are in! We scored an impressive 5 of 5 stars for satisfaction. After reviewing the answers, we thought we would share an inside peak in Grand Apps and how we achieved such a high customer satisfaction rate. You can use any of these if you like for your business practices.

1) Now, Now, Now!

The motto of "NOW,NOW,NOW" has been implemented in our companies culture since the early start up days of using boxes for chairs and eating ramen noodles cold.

What it means to us: Everything should happen now. If you are making calls, make them now and don't wait. If a client has a request for change, do it now. If you do not have time to do it correctly now, when will you have time to fix it later? Everything should be handled with urgency and finished NOW.

This mentality will put you ahead of your work and give your clients a sense of "awe" about how fast you are accomplishing their requests.

2) Give them what they want.

 We also strongly believe the old saying "customers are always right". Trust us, we know there are times where you think you might know a little more than your client and would love to recommend something new, but you must remember your client needs to portray their business how they want it. If they wanted help or suggestions, they would ask you. So you must listen to your client & always put them first. If they want a black background with orange & red font with a pink shadow, do it.

What it means to us: This means we strive hard to put our clients in the driver seat and make changes to their mobile app. We have also build a pretty cool system that actual allows our clients to edit their app how they see fit.

Most businesses will say they stand by this motto, but most don't. They are not fully listening to their clients and are not putting them first. Make sure you are hearing them, putting them first and making sure you remember they're right.

3) Better than before.

This motto is the last on the list, but first in our office. This motto should be used in every facet of life, but especially in the business world. This simply means be better than before or better than the previous day.

What it means to us: This means that we always try to better ourselves the next day. We try to compete with ourselves to out work the previous day. If you are always getting better than before, eventually you will achieve your highest goal.

This motto fits well with our client relationships because we try every single day to be better than the previous day with everyone. "Better than before" is such a simple concept, but often overlooked by many. If you simply remind yourself every single day to do this, we can almost guarantee you'll reach your goals in no time!

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