Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still effective, if used correctly. I'm sure your inbox is full of "junk" mail with deals and offers. Here at Grand Apps, we have actually use Mail Chimp and highly recommend it. Below are the top 6 companies we work with in our mobile development. These companies are very user friendly with our mobile apps. In this article, we will cover some email marketing statistics provided by Mail Chimp as well as how the apps are integrated with these six companies. 

Open Rates - What is the best subject line?

There are many different options you can choose for your subject line for your email campaigns. Mail Chimp has actually put together a few amazing charts that break down the top 20 best / worst subject lines you can have. Below are two graphs of the worst & best 5. You can click both images to visit Mail Chimp for the full list of 20. 

Grand Apps, Email Marketing, Marketing, Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing, Marketing, Grand Apps

Open Rates - What day is best? 

We also wanted to touch on the best day to send out your email marketing campaigns. Again, this amazing company Mail Chimp has provided yet some more amazing stats. Take a look below & click on the graphic to view more stats. 

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As you can see, Tuesday - Thursday are by far the best days to send out an email to clients. 

Putting It Together

We just wanted to recap all of this useful information really quick. It is absolutely key to send out your emails around the middle of the week with a subject line that contains your businesses name, not some catchy offer or coupon. 

If you do these two simple things, we can almost guarantee you will see a higher open rate, we know we have. 

App Integration

Grand Apps, Marketing, Mobile Apps

Our apps are very functional with the top 6 companies listed above. All of our apps sync with those email lists you host on the 6 companies websites. So for example, when someone signs up on your mobile app for your newsletter, they will automatically be listed in your email list. This will save you time of entering twice from the mobile app and online. 

If you do not have one of these 6 companies, then unfortunately we do not partner with them at the moment. But we still make it easy for you. When a user signs up for your newsletter with the app that is not synced to the company then it will simply download to an excel sheet. Then you can enter them when you get a chance. 

Mobile & Email
We highly recommend both for your marketing campaigns because they both are effective. But it is a great idea to integrate both together with our Newsletter app feature in our apps. By utilizing both, you will be reaching out to all of your customers who are online in both mobile and online. This will help you get a great reach to current customers on your lists & app users. 

If you want to learn more information about our Email Newsletter feature, simply email Grand Apps or visit our website. |

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