Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mobile Apps | Bands

Musicians everywhere are trying to build their audience by the numbers. What a better way to do this than with a mobile app. As a band, rapper or group, you have the ability to control what music is on your app, send exclusive songs and get in touch with your audience. Let's explore a few key features your mobile app will help you with in regards to growing your audience. 

Music Player

As a musician you probably have some music on iTunes or Digital 7. Our mobile apps will link these two sites and sync all of your music into your band app. You can also upload MP3 files to your app as well. This music player feature is awesome for pushing your audience towards purchasing your music. 

The iTunes link will only play a few seconds of your song until it changes to the next song. This gives the people a taste of that song and they have the option to purchase it in iTunes, which will allow you to grow your business. The MP3 songs can be full format and listeners will be able to listen to the entire track. 

Your followers who download your app can get the most exclusive songs because they will be notified first with your app. You can send out Push Notifications to all of your app users telling them you are about to release a new track. Every artist needs a mobile app and every fan would love to receive new exclusive tracks. 

Fan Wall

This feature is great for keeping in touch with your audience. They can login with Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment on your app. You can also manage comment in case there is one that is not supposed to be there or inappropriate. 

Artists can also write back to fans by replying to their comments. This is the most interactive besides text messaging your fans. This feature also allows locations of people comments and the ability to upload pictures. Fans love interaction and this will keep them loyal. 

And More...

We also offer artists way more features for their apps and show you how to engage your users and build your app downloads. Other great features are as follows;

  • Push Notifications - The ability to send a message out to all app users. 
  • Events Calendar - The ability to post all your shows and let your users know where you'll be performing. 
  • Social Media - The ability to link all social accounts to the app.
  • M - Commerce - The ability to sell merchandise (besides music) in the app such as; T Shirts, Hats and more.
Again, we offer many useful features to artists and help you find ways to make money with your mobile app. If you are interested in learning more, just visit us at our website or email us. 

www.grandapps.com | support@grandapps.com

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