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Gym owners across the country are starting to realize the power of mobile apps for their new mobile marketing campaigns. In today's blog we will discuss a few key features that Grand Apps offers gym owners across the country and how these features will help with increasing member retention. 

Push Notifications

Mobile Apps, Mobile App Marketing, Grand Apps

This feature is extremely powerful! Grand Apps offers you the ability to send UNLIMITED push notifications to your mobile app users, yes you heard us correctly. We offer unlimited push notifications. If you have never seen a push notification, the image above displays a push note sent out from Snap Fitness Michigan mobile app. 

We know some gyms are using the SMS promotions for their mobile marketing, but these can be expensive and charge by the number of messages sent. We also offer this Push Notification service for less than half of the average SMS service. 

Push notifications are a great way to educate your clients & customers about news in your gym. What should you send in your push notes?
  • New gym membership plans
  • Coupons / Discounts / Offers
  • Holiday Messages
These are simple examples of what you can include in your push notes, there are many other messages you can create that will generate a high call to action that will increase app activity. The most creative push notifications generally attract the best engagement. 


We are very proud to bring gym owners this mobile app feature. This feature allows users to select a location, select a service and select a time to book a service. This is great for personal training sessions or gym classes. Instead of the old pencil, paper and phone approach, you now have the ability to take your scheduling to the next level with mobile reservations. You will receive an email notifying you who signed up or you can even add a Google Cloud Printer to print off the reservations. 

Your gym probably offers many different personal training sessions or classes, why not go mobile? Smartphone users are actually on mobile apps more than searching the web. 

This feature is easy to use and brings more value to your gym. People do not have to go through the hassle of searching your website on their slow wifi connection, finding your website that is not optimized to fit their smartphone, pinch and zoom to find your phone number then finally booking an appointment. They can now simply open the app and book a service (that easy)

Results Camera

Mobile App Marketing, App Marketing

Working out can leave a sense of hopelessness if you do not see results. Stepping foot into the gym every single day working on an end goal that you do not see results can leave people literally insane. Wasn't Einstein the person who defined insanity? We actually offer a unique way for gyms and app users to break this thought process. The best way to see results is to actually SEE results, which is why we have built in a email photo feature in our mobile apps for gyms. 

Users can snap a pic of themselves & email it to the gym. They can document their journey while reaching their desired body physique. This is a great feature because gym owners can use this as a marketing tool itself. Below is a recommended promotion we love for gyms!

Snap a picture with our app of your results and send it to us. Each month we will pick a "member of the month" to receive a free $10 in supplements of your choice! Best results = a win! Work hard, stay motivated and see you with $10 soon!

This is great because it will get users engaged. Everybody loves winning and to win the pride of "Member of the Month" can be satisfying itself, without the $10 offer. So, we highly recommend you engage users in this with the Results Camera feature. 

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