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Importance of Mobile Websites

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We just wanted to first and foremost thank each and every one of you for visiting our blog today. We have some very interesting stats on mobile websites and why they are so important for a business. The information we will cover can benefit you if you're a business owner, a mobile website salesman, a local marketing company or just someone interested in learning more about mobile websites and the importance of them. 

Let's first start out with a scenario. We will use this example throughout our article about the importance of mobile websites and refer back to it. 
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Meet Joe, Joe meet audience. Joe is your average guy who works 9-5 as an accountant at a large firm. He does not work weekends, so normally him and his girlfriend will have date night every Saturday. So, the day comes and he and his lady start by walking around downtown trying to find something different, a new local restaurant to grab a quick bite before they go see the new Jackie Robinson movie. He pulls out his smartphone and searches "restaurants". Pretty amazed how fast his smartphone is and sees about 10 different options. He finds one that looks great and selects it. But to his disappointment, the website loads VERY slowly. When it DOES load, he cannot find the number anywhere because he has to "pinch and zoom" like crazy. Very frustrated with his experience...he hits the back button. This is the most dreaded button if you're a business owner because Joe is leaving your page.  He selects the next restaurant with a fast loading, mobile friendly website that displays the number clearly and menu items. Joe and his girlfriend go to this restaurant because they can easily access the information, they have a great date night and loved the movie. 

Some of you already know what happened here. Some of you might even think of it as a simple equation.

Bad Mobile Website = Business Lost

Congrats! You got it! Yes, it is THAT simple. Yet it is still amazing that about 75% of business owners have not recognized this. We agree it is that simple, but we wanted to really break down why Joe decided to choose the website that was mobile friendly. 

5 Times 1

If you're a marketing company, this is a great statistic to educate business owners on. There are currently 5 times as many mobile phones than PC's in the world!

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This means there are more people with mobile phones than PC's. This means that customers are mobile ready. They are all connected with mobile and demand a great users experience because this is their primary source of connection. 
  • 25% of Americans use the internet ONLY on mobile devices
  • 91% of adults have their phone within arms reach 24/7
Let's look at Joe in this case. Joe is a great example of these statistics. He had his phone within arms reach on his date night. He also could very well be one of the 25% and we know the world has 5 times more mobile devices than PC's. So we now know that Joe is connected, as well as most of the world. 

  • There are 6.8 billion people on the planet
  • 4.0 billion use a mobile phone
  • 3.5 billion use a tooth brush
*We hope Joe is apart of the 3.5 billion! 

Local Search

  • 95% of smartphone users looked up local information
  • 61% of the 95% have called
  • 59% of the 95% have visited
The statistics just above prove that users are searching for your business and when they find it, they are likely to call or visit. Joe is a numbers guy and he can appreciate these statistics. He also fits them very well. He is an average consumer searching for business and wanted to call / visit. As a business owner, it is crucial you provide a mobile friendly experience because if they cannot find your information that is needed, how are they supposed to contact you or come in? Check out the percents of consumers that will actually TURN TO A COMPETITOR with a mobile friendly site. 

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So it can be now known that consumers are always on their smartphones searching for local businesses. There is not a high demand for mobile friendly websites because without a mobile website, business owner can actually be losing out on business. 


We now hope you finally understand exactly why mobile websites are needed for a business. Do not let your "Joes" turn to competition with readily displayed information. 

Bad Mobile Website = Business Lost

This is very simple, but most things is life are. Remember the K.I.S.S. philosophy? "Keep It Simple Stupid!" Well, we are asking everyone to keep it simple. Understand that if you do not provide your customers will a great mobile experience, you will lose business...and these are facts. 

There are over 70% of businesses that do not provide mobile friendly experiences. Why? Maybe they're just uneducated. So, we hope that now you will be educated to spread the word! It is time to wake up and realize that mobile is here to stay and your customers demand it. 

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