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Mobile Apps | Chiropractors 2013

Grand Apps specializes in mobile app development for the chiropractic industry and today we are bringing chiropractors across the world a very in depth look at mobile app development and mobile app marketing for the chiropractic industry.

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Before we jump into this article, we wanted to share why we specialize in mobile app development for chiropractors. Grand Apps was founded by a chiropractor, Dr. Jacob Canfield, the owner of Simple Truth Chiropractic. Dr. Canfield noticed a need in taking his marketing efforts to the next level and with the upcoming trend in mobile, he decided to invest and help start Grand Apps back in December of 2011. Since then, Grand Apps has been working on mobile app development for chiropractors and showing the benefits of apps in their practice. 

Why Mobile?

We understand that some chiropractors may not fully understand mobile app development or why and how it could possibly benefit your practice, which is why we want to share some outstanding statistics about mobile. 

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As you can see above, mobile app consumption is on the rise. People are almost spending as much time on mobile apps as they are watching television. We even have statistics proving that people are doing both at the same time! According to Google, 33% of smartphone users are using their phones while watching television. 

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Now, hopefully we can all agree that mobile app development is crucial for your business because more and more people are spending massive amounts of time on mobile apps and mobile smartphones, even while consuming other types of media. Your marketing plan may call for many different needs to best fit your practice, but this should be one of your top priorities taking the next step. Unlike ever before, you now have the chance to be in front of your patients 24/7 on their phone with your mobile app. 

Mobile Is Easy.

Our goal with mobile apps and mobile app development is not a simple marketing ploy to intrude in your patients privacy, not even close. Our goal is to create a friendly experience for your patients. Our mobile apps make your patients lives a little easier by making their experiences with your practice a little more efficient. Mobile should be easy, engaging and useful.  

Grand Apps provides many useful features that will save your patients time with their mobile app. Below are a few examples of some features and how they are useful.

  • Contact Us - This feature allows the mobile app users to contact you on the fly. Instead of opening their browser, searching for your practice, waiting for the internet to load, trying to find your phone number on a non optimized website, and then calling you...your users can simply open your mobile app and select contact us and get a hold of you in just two touches. 
  • Scheduling - This feature allows patients to schedule on the fly by opening the app and logging into their account in the mobile app. No more hassle calling in and waiting on the phone. The mobile app allows users to schedule whenever they want, wherever they are. 
  • Messages - This feature allows users to view push notifications you sent out, just in case they missed them. For example; Let's say you closed your practice because of an emergency and wanted to let users know. You can send out a simple push notification to let them know and if they miss it, they can simply check their messages. 
Above are only three different features that we offer with our app development. We have tons of other great features that will help your practice, but we wanted to keep this simple and show you that simply by implementing just three basic features, you can make your patients lives a little easier. 

What about Mobile Websites?

This is a great question and one we often get from numerous clients and see in blog forums. There is a difference between mobile websites and native mobile apps. 

Mobile Websites
This is a version of your current website, but it looks better on a smartphone...that simple.
Mobile App
This is a prebuilt program that is installed on your phone. So instead of going to your browser to get information, you can open your app. Mobile apps also have many more useful features that websites do not offer. 

You may have come across a few websites on your phone that were optimized for mobile and some that were not. Checkout the versions below to see the difference. 

Not Optimized
mobile website, mobile websites

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As you can see above the drastic difference between an optimized website and a not optimized mobile website. Simply put, the mobile friendly website will look better and fit to smartphones. The not friendly website will force you to pinch and zoom and play hide and seek with their information. This is not fun. Consumers are demanding mobile friendly websites and mobile apps. We know this because consumers are even likely to turn to competition with a friendly mobile website. 

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Grand Apps also offers mobile website development, not just mobile app development for chiropractors. We help you get your mobile marketing campaign started by helping you implement mobile websites and mobile apps into your practice. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully now we have shed some light on the mobile world in chiropractic. We also hope that we can agree on a few things;
  • People are spending more and more time on mobile apps
  • People are on apps almost as much as other popular media (i.e. TV & Internet)
  • Mobile apps should be easy to use, engaging and interactive
  • Mobile websites are just as important as mobile apps (in the consumers eye)
All of these are proven by numerous surveys and the majority rules, smartphones are here and they are here to stay. Mobile apps and mobile websites are a must in today's evolving marketing world. Chiropractors across the country are now realizing this before their competitors and implementing them. 

Grand Apps prides itself in app development for chiropractors and would love to work with your practice soon. If you have any questions about any of this information or would like to learn more, email our support at

or visit our website at

A few apps in the market now. Simply click the app icon to view it in iTunes. 

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