Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mobile Marketing | ROI

Mobile Marketing is here!

Grand Apps is happy to share industry information about mobile marketing. Every business owner needs to consider mobile marketing in their adjusted marketing campaigns. Below is a video that explains the new mobile movement which relates to mobile marketing. Watch this quick two minute video!

We have also just recorded our own quick video about mobile marketing with two simple mobile app features; Push Notifications & Mobile Coupons. 

Watch The Vimeo

Both of these features are so simple, yet so effective. We have demonstrated how a business owner that is marketing their mobile app can yield over $20,000 profit yearly. 

Push Notifications - Mobile Marketing

Push notifications are simple messages sent to mobile app users from the business owner or app owner. We offer this ability to all of our clients at Grand Apps. You can send unlimited push notifications and even schedule when you want to send those messages out. 

Did you know that 97% of mobile app users read their push notifications? 

Let's share an example: Your mobile marketing campaign has taken your mobile app to 1,000 app downloads. This means anytime you send out a push notification, 997 of your app users will see your message. You now have the ability to reach them anywhere they are, 24/7 with your mobile app. 

Most business owners would pay an arm & leg to be in front of about 1,000 customers 24/7 with the press of a button. Grand Apps offers business owners around the world these capabilities. Contact us at support@grandapps.com to learn how to get started today!

Mobile Coupons - Mobile Marketing

Mobile coupons are one of the most engaging return on investment features. Your mobile marketing will give back to your loyal customers for downloading your mobile app. Grand Apps offers all of our clients the ability to set unlimited amounts of mobile coupons for their mobile marketing campaigns.

We offer three different mobile coupons features;

  • QR Coupons
  • Loyalty Coupons (Mobile Loyalty Card)
  • Check In Coupons
Did you know that 36% of mobile app users have redeemed a mobile coupon?

Let's share another example: You have just reached 997 people with your push notification saying: "Checkout our mobile coupons to save money tonight!". The profit per coupon is equal to $15 per person. According to statistics, about 36% of those people will redeem this coupon. 

997 X .36 = 358.92

358.92 X $15 = $5,383.8

Your mobile marketing campaign has just generated $5,383.8 profit with one simple push notification & mobile coupon. This is absolutely huge for business owners across the country looking how to make money with their mobile marketing campaign and their mobile app for their business. 


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