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Mobile Apps | Golf Courses - 2013

Golf Course Mobile App

Today's Topic: Mobile Apps - Golf Courses

The following will cover mobile app development for golf courses and how a mobile app will benefit a golf course. Grand Apps will also cover the top three mobile app features and marketing tips for each.

Scheduling - Feature 1

"64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps" (Nelson 2012

Majority of the mobile users are spending precious time on mobile apps over websites. Grand Apps has built in a feature for your golf course that will allow users to save time by using our fast, easy mobile scheduling for tee times. No more calling ahead or waiting for slow wifi times for your website to load. Mobile app users can simply open your app, book a time and show up with their A game!

Golf Course Scheduling Mobile App

Your mobile app users can select a location, select a service (tee time) and book it. They will create a unique user name / password for the mobile app. They can login to see previous scheduled tee times. 

Question: Looks great so far, but if they book a tee time and don't show?

Answer: To avoid this, Grand Apps has developed the ability in your mobile app to charge for the tee time when scheduling. This means they will have to pay for the service to avoid no shows and overbooking. 

Marketing Tip: Grand Apps suggest your charge some kind of fee to book with the mobile app. Again, this will save you the time and headache of people booking with your app and not showing up. And if they don't show up, they still payed the retainer on the mobile app, which is extra revenue for you Mr. business owner.

Mobile Commerce - Feature 2

"79% of smartphone users use their phones to help with shopping and 74% make a purchase as a result" (Google/Ipsos 2010) 

Mobile app users are purchasing with their phones very frequently. Grand Apps now allows golf course business owners to operate a full fledged mobile commerce store with their golf course mobile app. 

Mobile Commerce, Golf Course, Mobile App

Our clients have the ability to sell items from their pro shop in their mobile app. You can sell whatever you want to add to your mobile commerce platform. Grand Apps makes it easy to upload products and manage them. We have built a full backend Client Management System for your mobile app to allow you to manage all mobile purchases. 

Question: What if I already have an e commerce store setup? 

Answer: We have partnered with Magento & Shopify. If you have an e commerce with these website, simply add your API to sync all stores to your mobile app. 

Marketing Tip: This is a fairly simple marketing tip for your mobile app. Use the ability to use Mobile Commerce! People are on mobile apps. People are purchasing products. This creates an ideal place to sell products. Sell, Sell & Sell! 

Scorecard - Feature 3

The scorecard feature is a great way to engage mobile app users for your golf course app. Give them the ability to record their score at every single hole. 

The app users can even email you results of their score. The scorecard will be saved on their phone until the decide to reset it.

Marketing Tip:  Note: It says "email results" at the bottom of the score card on the mobile app. This means the user can tally their score & send it to the business owner. This is a great way to engage users to use the app by offering them a specialty coupon. (i.e. You can tell users that you will pick one lucky winner, every month during golf season for a free 18 holes) This will get the mobile app users engaged and sending you in results for a chance at a free 18 holes.


It should be noted that an increasing number of people are spending more and more time on mobile apps. We have also agreed that people are spending money via smartphones. Grand Apps is offering golf courses everywhere this special opportunity to get in front of these mobile consumers and offer them some great value with your golf course mobile app. Users will benefit from the ease of scheduling tee times and the ability to quickly purchase some golf balls just before they hit the 18 hole journey.

We are proud to say we have tons of other features in our mobile apps that will benefit business owners everywhere. These app features we covered are some specific to the golf course industry.

If you would like to find out how to get setup with your very own golf course mobile app, contact: |

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