Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Increase Your Apps Open Rate

The main purpose of having a mobile app for your business is to drive traffic to your store. One way you can certainly drive traffic to your store is communicating with your customers. Grand Apps offers businesses a chance to communicate to customers with mobile technologies. We offer mobile apps built for businesses that allow them to send out unlimited push notification messages that can send pictures, words and links. Our robust push notification system is the way of the future. We have built in GEO Fencing push messages that allow you to specifically target consumers at particular locations, allowing you to personalize messages for them.

For example, you can setup a fence around a golf course and schedule a message for app users saying "You know what goes great with golfing? A nice cold beer from our restaurant".

Let's say you're not selling beer, that's okay. Maybe you're a fitness center. You can setup a fence around a GNC or Supplement store saying "This is the best supplement to buy, get this".

We found that clients who are frequently using the push messages, especially the GEO Fence technologies are finding about a 26% better app open rate than those not using it. If you are not frequently using your app or sending customers messages, you have stopped the conversation. When you stop talking to your customers they soon forget about you. If they forget about you, your bottom line will suffer.

Don't hurt your bottom line & get chatting with your customers today. If you are a Grand Apps client, send out a push note. If you are curious how you can implement this, give us a call or email.


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