Friday, November 15, 2013

Jingle Hoops 2013 & Small Business Marketing

If you're a NBA fan then you probably remember the marketing video with several players dribbling the ball to the tune of Jingle Bells. Well, they've done it again with Jingle Hoops 2013. Click to watch the video below if you have not seen it.

Sure the NBA has a bigger budget than your business does and more creative people on staff, but don't let that hold you back! Some of the most viral videos have come from a simple, creative idea taken by a simple iPhone camera.

Let's breakdown a few key points about this video to help generate ideas for your business.

1. Video Content

Jingle Hoops is a great example of excellent video marketing. Video content is a large part of today's Social Media efforts. YouTube is one of the largest, most viewed social video sites on the planet. The NBA has created this commercial and launched it on YouTube as well, reaching over 1.8 million views in about 48 hours. In recent memories, only large corporations could pay for commercial advertisements. But with the introduction of YouTube, literally any business can launch an "online commercial" in just hours. You might not have 1.8 million views in 2 days, but the more creative your content, the more people will share and the more views you will tally.

We recommend your business begins utilizing video content to your new marketing planning for 2014. There are tons of great social video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo where you can share your content. Videos are a great way to generate sales for your business. In the NBA's case, they have created a viral video that will get people talking about the NBA in hopes they tune in to their favorite teams next game to increase ratings or maybe even buy a few extra tickets. This can work great in your business as well.

2. Seasonal Marketing

Many small business owners have an idea of their marketing strategies, but sometimes they miss out on opportunities like seasonal marketing. In the NBA's video, they are playing off of the familiar Christmas tune Jingle Bells. This reminds people of the upcoming holidays, associates Christmas with Basketball and many other great tactics in this video. But the biggest takeaway as a small business owner is the idea of season marketing.

Try to put together a simple strategy that will allow your customers to associate some holiday activity with your business. If you are in retail, your competition is high and makes it even more of a must for your business to find a competitive edge over your competition. You could even launch your new businesses mobile app (from the best mobile app developers - US) and market it with a great video based around the holiday season. Try this for example.

Video Example - You have two customers. One customer walks into your business, but due to long lines and tons of traffic because of the holiday seasons, they have a terrible shopping experience. They can't find what they want, they don't have time to wait in line and they leave to go to your competitor. Now you show a person at home, on your businesses mobile app shopping. They simply buy what they want and come pick it up or get it delivered. That simple. Then you can explain download our app to keep your sanity.

Something that simple will work! The more creative you get, the better. That is a very dull situation but we know you can spice it up.


1) Video Marketing
2) Seasonal Marketing

Now you have some basic ideas of what you will need to help kick start a successful seasonal video marketing plan.

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 Jingle Hoops 2013

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