Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beer City | Our Favorite Beer App

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Delicious...refreshing...cure to all...Beer! Hey Everyone, Grand Apps here with a special featured app edition. This featured mobile app is our favorite beer app. We thought since the holiday seasons are approaching fast and many of you will be out on the biggest bar night of the year (coming up SOON) that we should share our FAVORITE beer app, Beer City. 

A little background...

This app concept was brought to us by an entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Kenny Nichols. He had envisioned an app that would bring new, exciting brews to a demographic that had only acquired tastes for the lesser brews (not to name any, but you can probably guess which ones we are talking about). His concept is simple. Get people out having fun trying new brews. Not to mention you now have Beer City The App to help you do this.

His app consists of features that will benefit the beer users by allowing them to find local breweries in Michigan. This app started in Kalamazoo and is quickly going to reach all of Michigan.

App Features

Beer Map - This map is GPS based pinning where you currently are. You can then click a location to get more information or get direct directions to go grab that new brew you have been reading about!

Alerts - This feature is great for the loyal Beer City app users. You can get direct news and push alerts about all the beer news.

Beer Wall - You can login with Facebook / Twitter to leave a comment about your new beer experience.

Beer Guide - This is your master list. You can browse the different beers to see exactly which brews sound appealing. Read up on them, try them out and have fun.

And More - You thought we would just give you all of the features here? The rest is up to you. Make sure you download the app to browse all of the other features. Just follow the links below.

 Download in iTunes Download in Google Play

We wanted to give a special thanks to all of our readers and followers on all of our Social Media Channels! So, as you are out celebrating your holidays this year, be safe but have a blast! (Don't forget to use the Beer City App)

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