Monday, September 16, 2013

Case Study Update: Crust 54 One Month Review

Hey Everyone,

We're pretty excited to bring you some more news about Crust 54. Since we last spoke our client located in Holland, Michigan just started marketing their mobile app and generating mobile ordering sales. Since then they have generated more revenue and have been steadily growing with mobile orders.

To date, Crust 54 has sold just over $400 worth of food in only a few months. Their mobile app has only been live a few months, averaging $200 per month in mobile food sales. 

The average Price Per Order totals: $28.57

90% of users selected Cash Payment over PayPal.

Mobile Orders Per Day Of Week

Monday - 2
Tuesday - 0
Wednesday - 4
Thursday - 0
Friday - 4
Saturday - 3
Sunday - 1

You can also see from the graphic below that majority of the users are clicking the "Order" feature. Mobile ordering is very effective driving user traffic.

These quick facts prove that mobile ordering is very effective in adding more revenue to a small business owner. If Crust 54 averages $200 per month, they will total about $2,400 extra per year.

This is also the beginning! We believe that as people get used to mobile ordering and become more reliant on it, Crust 54 will only see bigger increases in sales. We are very confident they can earn an extra $20,000 per year with mobile ordering.

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