Monday, September 9, 2013

Small Businesses Going Mobile

Did you know?

Small and medium sized businesses comprise 99% of employer firms in the United States.

These same businesses account for more than 50% of technology spending too!

Also, a recent study from Business Wire has shown that about 91% of small businesses are using some sort of mobile solutions to help grown their businesses. Mobile is on the rise and many business owners are taking advantage of these new solutions.

Sometimes business owners do not even realize how or why they would need a mobile app, but they are still getting them. That is where we love to come in and actually show the true value of a mobile app, not to just land a sale. Our platform offers many different / useful features that will keep the customers running back!

Our mobile apps are geared towards helping business owners market to their most loyal customers with our apps by allowing them to even send out messages straight to the app users phone. This is the biggest engagement tool a business owner can use.

Did you know?

The average person checks out their mobile phone 150 times per day. This means that if you have your mobile app on their smartphone, then your customer will see your trademark / logo over 100 times per day.

As a business owner, we want you to think about all of your market efforts over the past year, what was your goal? Most likely it was to generate traffic. How do you generate traffic? Well, you should have your business visible to customers.

Now image your business has a mobile app on your customers smartphone and they will look at it over 100 times per day, oh and do not forget you can send them messages to their phone like "don't forget to stop in today for a delicious treat on this hot day" (restaurant owner).

With numbers showing evidence of business owners spending money on mobile, customers checking their phones 150 times per day, we believe Grand Apps has you covered in mobile. We are here to show you the power of apps and how to generate money. We make our services so easy that even your assistants or secretaries can use it.

Contact us today to learn how to GET MOBILE with your small business!


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