Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A New-Age In Small Business Marketing

Small business owners have a very unique talent, the talent of juggling. They juggle day to day operations of running a business from accounting, sales, marketing, management and many other daily functions of operations. While trying to manage many different tasks, business owners often lose focus on one or two of these business functions and majority of the time marketing goes right out of focus. There are many reasons for this but a large reason is because of the exponential growth rate of technology. Times keep changing very fast, almost too fast for the business owner to worry about.  This huge growth in technology has created some very interesting marketing strategies that the business owner might not even thought about before.

Mobile Marketing

This is one of the fastest growing fields know to marketing. In the present year, 2013, mobile Smartphone usage growth is up 125% as opposed to only 12% for desktop computers. Millions of people across the country are going mobile, gearing up with smartphones and downloading mobile apps. These smartphone users are spending massive amounts of time on their mobile devices. It is projected in 2013 that over 100 billion mobile apps will be downloaded by smartphone users.

As a business owner you might think these numbers are fascinating or simply irrelevant to your business. But after really analyzing more data, the proof is in the pudding that consumers are using these devices and the market is only getting bigger by the minute. This means it is time to launch your mobile marketing campaign.

Where to get started...

First, look at your website on a smartphone. Is it optimized to fit the device? If you have to pinch and zoom to find relevant information, chances are it is not optimized and does not look good. Your web page is your first chance to capture your online audience by displaying the most relevant information in a place where users can easily find out about you. Creating a beautiful mobile website is your first step.

Next step. 

We recommend the next step is getting app ready. The numbers do not lie and people are downloading mobile apps as mind blowing rates. People love apps. It's really that simple. So you must create an engaging mobile app that will benefit your app user and keep them coming back. If you are a restaurant you can switch your paper punch-cards to a mobile punch-card. Something as simple as this will engage users on their smartphone with your businesses mobile app. 

Send them a push notification. Our mobile apps allow you the ability to send out unlimited push notifications to all app users. You can send them friendly reminders about special events you are hosting, new app changes, new business services and even happy holiday messages. Communication is key in every relationship and push notes will by key in your communication with your app users and your small business.

Where is my competition?

Still over 50% of small businesses are not mobile, meaning they do not have a mobile website or mobile app...or really any type of mobile marketing at all. By you simply following the two easy steps above, you will be ahead of over half of your competition and your customers will love you for it.

To recap, mobile is not going anywhere anytime soon. There is no time for procrastination when it comes to growing your business and we recommend you getting started today. They only way to complete a 10,000 mile journey is to take the first step.

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