Thursday, September 26, 2013

Malarky's Mobile App

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App Name: Malarkys GR

App Industry: Restaurant App

App Description: Malarkys is a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have just launched their mobile app and are excited to start getting some app downloads. We have built in many useful features for their mobile app for users to keep coming back to.

Malarkys Restaurant, Grand Apps, Mobile App Marketing

- Contact: Users do not have to browse on slow websites or wait for connection times. They can simply open the mobile app, click contact and get a hold of Malarkys.

-Events: There will be current events posted in the Malarkys mobile app. Simply check on these events when you get a chance.

-RateUs: This feature is simply for customer satisfaction. Remember those old outdated feedback forms restaurants encouraged you to fill out? Yeah, those days are over. Leave the old pencil & paper behind and launch your app to give them some feedback!

-Share: This feature is for showing them some love. Share the app with your Facebook & Twitter friends so they can download the Malarkys mobile app to get all these benefits too.

-More: We cannot tell you what is in more, looks like you will have to download it to find out!

Mobile App Marketing, iPhone App, Android App

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