Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feature Update: Push Notifications

We have just launched the most robust push notification system on the planet! Our new push notification system allows you to send more specific push notes than ever before. Click below to watch this short video or read ahead for more information.

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1. Message

Step one in sending out your new push notes allows you to create a custom message to your app users. You can now select different smartphone users to send the push notes out to such as either Apple, Android or both. We have also integrated Social Media with your new push notification system. You can send the messages out to your businesses Facebook & Twitter accounts. This new app upgrade made your mobile marketing campaign a one stop shop from our backend system. You can send messages out to all of your Social Media followers and your app users!

2. Location

Grand Apps has now built in the ability to send out push notifications by location. You can GEO target certain cities & states that you want to send out the push notes too. Example: You can select Miami, Florida to send out a specific message that only app users in Miami will get. There is also the ability to send a message out to the entire app download community.

3. Content

We have built in a very robust content push note system that allows you to link your message with a few different things.
  • Websites - You can now link your push notes out to certain webpages.
  • Internal App Features - You can now link your push notes to certain app features you want people to go to. Example: You can send out a push note saying "Hey everyone, make sure you write your answer on our comment board today" & you can link that message to the comment board. 
  • Template - You can send out push notes from a beautifully designed template we have created for you. (The video shows more)
4. Publish

We still are allows the ability to send your push notes out now or schedule them in the future at a specific time & date.  

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