Friday, February 7, 2014

What Makes a Good App for my Business?

There is no doubt that every business needs some type of mobile strategy going into 2014. This post is for businesses deciding to go with a mobile app strategy. We wanted to share with you what makes a good app for your business. 


The app must be functional or have a main purpose for your business. For restaurants, mobile ordering is a very functional way for customers to order from you and boost your profits. Service industries like Hair Salons, Doctors Offices, Personal Trainers, etc..can really benefit from Mobile Reservations we offer to client. App users can book appointments with you and help boost your revenue. Your business app should have some feature that is very functional to your customers. 


Simplicity is key for your app. Screens come in all shapes and sizes, but it can be agreed that screens are typically smaller than desktops so your app has little room to work with. You want to make sure you keep it simple & to the point so you don't confuse app users. Above you can see the Brann's app is simple with the buttons on the left, a beautiful logo and delicious looking pictures. Users can navigate easy and it is simple to use. 


When building an app for your business it is important to think about tracking return on your investment. Many different app companies offer different things, but at Grand Apps we pride yourself in many useful features that show ROI. 

-App Analytics - See how many people are clicking through your app and what pages they are going too. Think about Google Analytics, but for your app. Not every app company offers this, but we do!

-Mobile Commerce - Our clients using Mobile Commerce see great returns selling products, services and other types of items through our platform. Billions are being spent through mobile devices in shopping which is why we offer our clients a chance to take a slice of that pie. 

-Scheduling - If you schedule customers & clients, you can close sales & increase revenue. This is why we offer our clients the mobile scheduling feature in their app for their business.

-And more - We can't get into all of the features that will benefit your app. These are just a few but we have many more. 


Your app should have some type of incentive to download it. We have many different offer / coupon programs for our mobile apps which many of our clients take advantage of. You want to show your customer the benefits of downloading the app and offer them some type of incentive. Tons of business owners use print ads, radio, television and all other forms of offers for their business. Same rule applies for your mobile app. Offer an incentive & pile up the total number of downloads. 


A mobile app is a great way to communicate with your customer and increase revenue. Your businesses mobile app is an investment and you want to see great returns on your investments so following these simple steps will allow you to see the best possible return you can get! As always, if you found this useful...give us a +1 just below. Thanks for the read and we will talk to you soon. 

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