Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 Tips for Business Owners & Mobile Apps

3 Tips for Business Owners & Mobile Apps

So your business has finally caught on that mobile marketing is here to stay and you're now considering a mobile app for your business. You are probably like most small business owners and have no idea where to start. Here are 3 tips that will get you going in the right direction.

1)  Target Customers - Who are they?
2) Target Customers Expectations - What do they expect in your mobile app?
3) Your Businesses App - Real Expectations. 

Every single business is unique in it's own way and we understand that. Your businesses app should have a few features that really emphasize your business. For example, your business serves change all the time and consumers demand to know when and what those changes are. One great feature for this would be Push Notifications. You can inform the customers on the fly those changes to your unique business with your mobile app. 

Target Customers - Who are they? 

It is important that you drill down to majority of the customers you are serving. Every business should have a customer profile of that target customer. 

For Example: 
  • 25-30 Years Old
  • Males
  • Yearly Income Average: $30,000
Even if you cannot get very specific, it is important that you get something down. Just by knowing this information we look at mobile data and pair this profile with statistics. These males are twice as likely to download a mobile app, they are young so they most likely have a smartphone. Again, just by drilling down these key profiles you can already assume a mobile app would be a great fit for this young target consumer.

Target Customers - What do they expect in your mobile app? 

Today there are millions of mobile apps that have a huge variety of app features. But usually simple is best. This second question ties in with question one. You must know what type of customer you are serving with your mobile app. If you own a prom dress show, then you probably want a nice beautiful gallery of dresses for your app users to browse through. On the other hand, if you are a lawyer, having a gallery might not be the most important and you can already assume your clients do not care about pictures in your office. Instead offer them an app feature that allows them to contact their attorney with one touch calling, that would be a great feature.

Sometimes you may not have a clue as to what features your users will utilize. This is where it gets even better! Our app platform allows you to track progress throughout the mobile app. You can see where users are clicking on what tab features. So if there is a feature in your app that is not being used, simply delete it in your management platform.

Your Businesses App - Real Expectations

Maybe your customer wants a live feed from your store to see how busy it is and if they want to come in now to shop. That feature sounds great but have you thought about the cost? You would need live camera feeds from your store, custom app development (From Grand Apps of course) and many other factors to go into this where it might take half a year to get it up and running.

Marketing strategies are changing faster and faster with the exponential growth of technology. Also, you need a variety of app features that users want and a mobile app you can manage. You probably want to stay ahead of the marketing game and get going on your app right away.

Grand Apps provides many useful features at a very cost effective price. We can have your app live in iTunes and Android with a marketing plan ready in just 30 days. (You knew we had to add this)

But really...

Mobile is here to stay. Mobile will be here for years and getting your mobile marketing strategies figured out first, before your competition even thinks about mobile, will put you 5 steps ahead of them. We have over 30+ app features built for businesses like yours. If you want to learn more simply email

and ask for our PDF with app features. Thanks for the read!

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