Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mobile Coupons & Mobile Offers

Most business owners have given out some type of offer for their loyal customers. Here at Grand Apps, we emptied out our wallets and combined we found 9 and a half loyalty cards from local businesses we frequently visit. Most of these cards were forgotten about and rarely used because they were hidden in our wallets.

Today's short article, we wanted to touch on mobile coupons and the different coupon / offer features we have built in our mobile apps. We will also break down a few scenarios how to increase business with mobile offers. 

Mobile Scanning - QR Code Offers

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29% of mobile users are open to scan a mobile tag (QR Code) to get a coupon. As a business owner this means increased traffic to your business. Let's say for example, you have 1,500 app downloaded users and 29% of them are open to scanning the tag to receive some type of coupon for your business. This means you have over 400+ app users scanning this tag to get that mobile coupon. Let's even say only half of them use your mobile app coupon and redeem it. You now have over 200 customers walking into your business to redeem this coupon.

A helpful tip that is overlooked from management is a simple concept. Educated all of your employees to take extra good card of customer with coupons because for a lot of these customers, it could be their first time in your business. The reason they came in your business in the first place was to redeem their offer. By simply relaying this message to your entire staff, you could even see more repeat business...and to think it all started from one small QR Code & mobile marketing.

Mobile Loyalty - Punch Cards

As we mentioned above, how many times have you forgotten about a punch card or emptied your wallet to find a few hidden in there? We most certainly have done this, multiple times. Loyalty cards are great for those returning guests to have a chance to win some kind of offer for always choosing your business. What do people make sure they have before they leave their house? Their smartphone. Flurry reports that there are at least 165 million Android & Apple active devices in the United States. These devices are used by 78% of the adult population that are aged between 15-64. This means that about 78% of your adult customers have either an Android or Apple device.

As a business owner, you are making sure you take advantage of every piece of information you have. Now that you know 78% of the adult population has a smartphone, mobile marketing might be a very good investment for your business.

Grand Apps Solution

Now you see the huge potential for mobile from either a QR Code Coupon or Mobile Loyalty cards. Well, Grand Apps has you covered on the mobile coupons. We have two great app features that will allow your customers to utilize.Contact us today to get a demo started for your businesses mobile app.

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