Wednesday, April 10, 2013

War Over: Apps Win!

War Over?

There was a war? Some of you might be thinking you didn't even know a war was going on. In fact, there was a war...Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps. Business owners are confused which is better. Business owners cannot decide which route to go when it comes to mobile. Well, numbers don't lie. Venturebeat just shed light upon this war of mobile websites vs apps and informed us all that Mobile Apps are the winner, coming in at 80% of time spent on mobile by smartphone users. 

This means that all the customers in your store who are on their smartphone, 80% of their time is spent on mobile apps. 

What does this mean for the business owners? 

This is exciting! This is huge! This means that business owners can take advantage of these consumers spending time on their mobile devices by marketing their business mobile app. People are mobile. They are spending huge amounts of time on mobile apps. 

Our mobile apps provide business owners a change to get in front of these smartphone users who are spending this time on the mobile apps. We have also developed numerous features that will allow you to see a ROI with your mobile app. 

Do you want to see some ROI features? Simply contact Grand Apps today for a demo for your business. 

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