Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grand Apps 2.0 Launches | New App Features

Hello Everyone;

We're super excited to announce that Grand Apps will be launching our Grand Apps 2.0 for all clients next week!

Grand Apps 2.0 is a complete revamp & rebuild of our mobile app management platform. With this release, we put a huge emphasis on beautiful designs, intuitive user experience and blazing fast loading speeds.

What does Grand Apps 2.0 include?

  • Completely revamped platform
  • Redesigned template menus
  • Redesigned background images engine
  • Redesigned food management dashboard
  • Redesigned reservation management dashboard
  • Redesigned coupon management dashboard
  • Redesigned shopping management dashboard
  • Redesigned every feature dashboard
  • Redesigned app previewing
  • User experience tested & improved
  • Improved loading speeds 
  • Beautiful menu animations added
  • Beautiful gradients added to all buttons
  • and much much more...
How does this benefit our clients?

This new 2.0 version looks even more professional than ever before. You will simply be "wowed". We will demonstrate just how powerful & fast your new Client Management System is. We are always looking for ways to improve our clients user experiences with Grand Apps. 

Hope you enjoy the new design just as we do!

Thanks again for all the support, everyone!!

Chris Ake
Co-Founder @ Grand Apps

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